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with small business owners across the country to force the president to back down on raising taxes on the wealthy. former florida governor jeb bush is gathering policy experts and dedication leader's fourth annual education summit. we covered yesterday's events pick. that's where we begin. mr. bush says the unions are barriers to better schools. how would you fix your school system? we want to get your take on it. also, send us a tweet, post your comments on facebook, or send us an e-mail. we begin with the "washington times headline" -- we want to show you what the former florida governor had to say at yesterday's event. [video clip] >> we need to have a teacher evaluation system that is based on teachers being professionals and not part of some collective trade union bargaining process. we have a system to reward teachers based on an industrial and unionized model that is completely inappropriate for the 21st century, completely inappropriate. there are incredibly fine teachers that get paid less even though they are doing the lord's work consistently over time and there are tea
is voicing support for tax hikes for americans just like him. >> i think it would have a great effect in terms of the morale of the middle class who have seen themselves paying high payroll taxes, income taxes and then watched guys like me end up paying a rate that's below that, you know, paid by the people in my office. >> joining me now is wisconsin's republican senator ron johnson. senator, it's great to have you with us this morning. and as we talk about what's taking place in washington, d.c. right now, the million dollar question is all concerns around senators lindsey graham, saxby chambliss, congressman peter king among other republicans who said they'd be willing to break away from grover norquist's anti-tax pledge. will you say if you're willing to break that pledge in order to save the country from the fiscal cliff. >> hello, thomas. and first of all, i signed that pledge two years ago, and the reason i signed it is because i think increasing tax rates, increasing the amount of money that the federal government takes away from job creators is going to harm economic growth a
into afternoons. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up shortly. >> later tonight, death, taxes. well, pardon me, holiday shoppers last minute frenzy at supermarket chaotic because of a power shortage. >> then, that story on death ask taxes what you can do to avoid turning over half of your childrens inheritance to the government. >> here tonight abc 7 news obtains footage from a deep sea expedition to protect >>> the port of oakland was a zoo today, truckers and shippers trying to catch up on the backlog. explains that back up lasted most of the day. big rig gridlock with thousands of truckers waiting to pick up or drop off what they could not yesterday because of the fdiu strike. >> how did yesterday's strike affect you? >> bad, really bad. you know?>s long lines and port there. they were closed and yeah. you know? we need to work to make money for living you know? >> the union representing 200 maintenance workers blocked entrarnss yesterday effectively shutting it down. he says he was stuck in traffic just getting off the freeway for a half hour this morning taking a hit with yeste
the more conservative part of his caucus, some very bad news. republicans don't have a wlost leverage. tax cuts expire whether without anybody doing anything. and republicans are going to end up yielding a lot more than they give -- than they get in the negotiations. and john boehner, as the chief negotiator is the man identified with that surrender. so he needs to put down a marker now that says to the right wheel of the caucus, hey, i'm with you. if it were up to me, 100%. i'm with you. and i am going to put it in writing. i'm completely in favor of doing all the things that would have happened if we won the election. however, we didn't win the election. and we have facing this fiscal cliff and it's scary. so i'm about to have to do things you don't like. but be assured that my heart is in the right place. >> role laan what about this? they voted for obama. but when you look at how many people cnn poll last week, 51% of this country oppose the health care bill. 42% favor it. maybe boehner is on to something. >> no, he's not. because frankly we got to go look at those numbers. remember, t
drops on new year's eve, tax hikes and severe spending cuts will kick in automatically unless a deal is reached. wyatt andrews spoke with two men who say they know how it should be done, if only washington would listen. >> reporter: two years ago, the fiscal commission chaired by democrat erskine bowles and former republican senator alan simpson proposed every basic element of the fiscal cliff solution being discussed now. their plan was a mixture of higher taxes, lower spending and the reform of medicare and social security. both men told us sacrifice has to come from everyone. >> all of us have to have some skin in the game to get it done. >> if you want something, pay for it. it's a sick idea, but it is an interesting idea. >> reporter: their biggest idea was to increase revenue by combining both the president's demand for higher taxes on the rich and the republican proposal to get rid of tax loopholes. bowles/simpson would eliminate almost every tax deduction for individuals and corporations, with only a few exceptions for charity donations and home mortgage interests. >> this st
to chartd if washington were to reduce our charitable tax deductions. u.s. charities say they don't want to find out. and just when you think your neighbor, you know him well now there is an effort in mexico to change the country's name coming up. if we want to ime our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus
outcome is not to raise taxes on anybody. i do think that if the president has his way and those taxes go up on investors and businesses, it's hard to see where the jobs are going to come from next year. as you know, we still have over 20 million people without a full-time job. so i think getting around this crisis in a way where everybody agrees not to raise taxes on anybody, we go into 2013, maybe that could be the year. and, boy, what a great christmas present this would be, if we actually throw out the tax system and start over. i mean, this is my, this is my new year's wish, that we could junk this tax system, get something that's pro-growth, that creates jobs for every american who wants a job. rick: so on a scale of 1-10, how optimistic are you that we're going to yet a deal like that in. >> oh, i think we will get a deal. it could take a while. you and i could be talking on christmas eve, but i think they will get a deal, and i've got my fingers crossed that taxes don't go up on anyone. rick: steve moore, enjoy the holiday with your wife and three sons. nice to talk to you. heathe
of appropriate tax into the city. creating 2000 jobs in the community. >> a group is fighting the development. buckly and wendy stone live add board their cruiser 20 years. they don't know where they're going. >> i'm on a fixed income. i can't afford to put a first and last down someplace. >> buckly has no hard feelings against her saying she helped him when he had cancer and worry about the berth rental when sick. >> she brought me food, we're friends. >> he says the fight is to private ties the outer harbor which they're leasing from the state. it's now open to the public, anyone can rent a berth there. the new project will limit to residents of the complex. >> the state says only so long used as a commercial harbor and marina. >> the planning marina approved the project. the tennent group filed an appeal. the redwood city council will hear appeal on january 28 but may be too late for tenants because they've been told to move out by january 15th. two weeks before the hearing. vic lee abc 7 news. >> black friday shopping is rolling along in the bay area tonight. no sign of alt indications, i
the oncoming tax increases and spending cuts if the president isn't willing to put his signature program, the healthcare law, on the chopping block. what does that really mean? byron york is chief political correspondent at the washington examiner and a fox news contributor. byron i want you to explain this. i mean, look, obamacare passed the u.s. supreme court and obviously it's not going to be overturned by executive fiat by a president mitt romney. so that leaves a third approach and here what john boehner rights, congress has a constitutional responsibility to conduct thorough oversight of the executive branch and congressional oversight will play a critical role in appealing obama care going forward. how in the world does that happen? >> well, it's not going to play a role in p repealing obamacare. this is a little bit of a surprise from bean bone, he said right after the election i guess that settles it, that makes it the law of the land. what the white house will say, obamacare was passed by congress, signed by congress, upheld by the supreme court. if you want to repeal it you ca
that the gop's opening offer, the sources said would freeze the bush era tax rates, change the inflation can clated for entitlement programs, keep the estate tate at 2012 levels and overhaul of the tax code and not provide a revenue target. martin, if this is the starting point, if that's the starting point -- are republicans as serious about compromise as they claim? >> that offer's like the sticker price at a car dealership. >> with room. >> you know you won't pay that and then the big question unanswered now is will republicans budge on rates or revenue? we have to distinguish. republicans are open to increasing tax revenue by a cap in deductions, closing loopholes and so far they haven't shown willingness to moving tax rates up for upper income americans. do they talk about entitlements? folks on the left say we're not touching entitlements right now. >> talk about what house speaker boehner said demanding that the president's health care law be on the table in the deficit talks, although didn't he tell diane sawyer it was the land of the law? anyway, the cincinnati enquirer saying we ca
the door to revenue but not by raising taxes. is that going to be enough? might that be the compromised point? >> if you listen to the white house and top democrats it might not be, because they're saying, i think treasury secretary geithner said the other day that's not enough money. president obama starting negotiations at $1.6 trillion in revenues, that's twice as much as the president seemed to agree to two summers ago before the fiscal cliff debt negotiations collapsed with speaker boehner. so i think that's the dividing line right there, whether it's going to be eliminating deducts or higher rates. there's pressure from left on the president to hold the line. he won the election, he told labor leaders last week, prior to meetings on friday, with capitol hill leaders he was going to hold the line. the white house's taking a tough tact here. >> congressman ellison suggests that is not enough on politics nation last night. let's take a listen. >> all of those guys who signed pledges for grover norquist, they're still around. i think the tea party was somewhat of a fleeting moment. he
court ruling called "speech now," and the politically active tax exempt groups which also represented the other most important trend hereby the growth in undisclosed money. these groups call themselves social welfare groups even though they're very political in their messages, and social welfare groups don't have to say who their donors are or where their money comes from. so that's a really big change. >> woodruff: matea gold, how did they operate differently from what we've seen in the past? many of them don't have to disclose-- some do, but many don't. what else was different? >> well, i think as, liga mentioned, the c-4 activity is new. we saw it in past elections but citizenses united gave them a legal right to engage in independent political spending and they really did so with vigor. one of the things that is important to remember remember when we talk about the $1 billion in outside spending. that's just the spending that was reported. there are probably hundreds of millions of dollars more that we don't know about. >> woodruff: and what did the money go toward? we assume, eli
unpaid for wars and two unpaid for tax cuts that disproportionately benefited the wealthy. and wall street gone wild that led to the worst recession since the great depression. our budget should not be balanced on the backs of vulnerable americans, including women and children. and funding programs that assist vulnerable women and children have already experienced serious cuts in recent years and we shouldn't be asking more from these safety net programs. we also want to ensure that we don't replace sequestration, these automatic cuts that will go into place, with something even worse. some alternatives are being considered that would actually do even more harm than sequestration to women and children. and although medicaid beneficiaries are protected under sequestration, some proposals would make cuts and/or change medicaid into a block grant. that means giving just a sum of money to the states, pretty much to do what they want with, and not necessarily covering the children and poor people, poor families that need medicaid support. in the united states of america, medicaid covers
-thirds majority to raise taxes 2/3 majority to refer things to the ballot you need a two-thirds majority to override a governor's veto. >> reporter: one issue that could benefit gay marriage. if the supreme court doesn't take up the case the legislature could use its two- thirds vote to put the issue back in front of voters as a ballot initiative. >> but it would take two-thirds just to put it on the ballot. i could imagine democrats thinking about that because on that issue i think democrats think that they are riding a wave. >> reporter: remember all the 11 propositions that you just voted on? the entire process could be changed with a soup majority. the senate president believed it needs to be reformed. >> i think, for example, there is nothing wrong with people with wealth getting involved in the political process, but before you qualify an initiative, you ought to have a responsibility to get, say, 1,000 contributions of $100 or more in order to even qualify in the first place. >> reporter: the question now: will the california democrats go too far to the political left or spend wit
administration and congress to reach a deal on how to avoid tax increases and spending cuts in that so-called fiscal cliff. bernanke says without a new deal, the fiscal cliff could trigger a recession next year. the congress has to act by january 1st m order to avoid the -- in order to avoid the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. >>> san francisco's board of supervisors has approved an ordinance they say will better track the bedbug problem. thesupporters of the ordinance say this will help chart direction of the bedbugs in the city. the san francisco health department received 370 complaints about bedbugs in 2010. >>> uc berkely out of thousands of dollars of computer equipment this morning after the latest burglary on campus. police say someone broke into a locked video lab in northgate hall sunday night and the suspect stole ten apple computers worth $23,000. >>> for two very special turkeys, this day before thanksgiving is a big day in washington, d.c. i understand stood everywhere those turkeys said. >> and there is a new twist to the white house turkey pardon for this year. >
has her at the breaking point. >> now the borough wants the property taxes, and i have to pay homeowner's insurance and flood insurance. >> reporter: and she is determined her family will never go through this again. anne thompson, nbc news. sayreville, new jersey. >>> up next, he shoots, scores, over and over and over. the kid who didn't just break a record? he shattered it. >>> well, you can bet this will be a topic of conversation around a few thanksgiving dinner tables tomorrow. a 5'10" sophomore from iowa just re-wrote the ncaa basketball record books, scoring a huge 138 points in just one game. here is nbc's thanh truong. >> reporter: jack taylor's shots were not fancy, just frequent, in a 40-minute game, the sophomore point guard scored a record ncaa record, 138 points. >> i can't really put it in words, i was just in a zone. >> reporter: taylor took one shot every 20 seconds, compare it to the late chamberlain, when he set the nba record of 100 points in 1962. >> i hit several in a row, i knew something was special. >> reporter: unlike the 7 foot chamberlain, taylor sc
area. they do lose part of their tax exemption but still make money and cell companies love them. >> it's up in the air. it's giving good connectivity and people don't see us. >> they're the latest place towers are hidden in plane site. they're disguised as tree. there's controversy no matter where they go. >> churches as independent nonprofits could be unduly influenced. >> she worried it could help the companies in lobbying efforts. utilities say heavens no. they want to provide better service from up above the tree line. >>> a gorgeous night in the bay area. and this is the view from chopper five earlier tonight. beautiful view of downtown san francisco. >> it's going to be a big change tomorrow. i have to get up in chopper five. that what a heck of a nice view. i it will you what we're going to see wind gusts quickly going from nothing to about 30 to 45 miles per hour. tomorrow morning. it will be wet and win i do tomorrow. flooding rainfall is looking more and more likely because we're getting closer to the actual event and the computer forecast models aren't changing. saying a lot
to increase taxes on the wealthy while extending tax cuts for families earning $250,000 or less. today will meet with small-business owners tomorrow middle-class americans. >> watching wall street we have good news and a jump in home prices the highest level since 2008. also of rising consumer confidence. the fears of fiscal cliff have that consumers worry. the dow's at 12,933 >> the time is 8 to 05 a.m. and let's take a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. george lab the updates on the drive times and hot spots. erika will have details on when the rain will start when we continue. >> new video world news from to rear square in cairo. there have been clashes between police and protesters. there's a mass rally against the decree against muhammed more see granting themselves broad power. more seat stuck by his controversial decree and his meeting with judges that was aimed at diffusing the worst political crisis since his election in june >> yasser arafat's body has been exhumed to find out whether and not he it was poisoned. he died nearly a decade ago due to a sudden illness. t
that demanded so much in taxes and spending cuts it died an instant washington death. that was then. today, the politics have changed. >> say yes to simpson/bowles, mr. president. i'm willing to say yes to simpson/bowles. >> reporter: today the broad outlines of bowles/simpson are the backbone of what's being discussed in the fiscal cliff negotiations. their plan was a mixture of the president's call for higher taxes, plus the republican call for tax reform and lower deductions. in medicare and social security bowles and simpson say the nation has no choice but to cut future benefits for those earning high incomes. we spoke to both men in washington. >> right now the president is under pressure not to touch social security and medicare. >> of course. so don't touch it. let's just let the damn thing rock along, grab your shorts you know get ready for the fun. >> let them go broke. >> let them go. >> if we don't touch them if we just take them off the table, you know what's going to happen? you know? we're not going to be able to spend money on whatever else it is you l
black friday and maybe their taxes will go up at the same time is this fiscal cliff threat playing any role in what we're seeing as it relates to holiday shopping? >> it is and it isn't. 64% of the people that were polled by the national retail federation said they were going to be affected by the political uncertainty and how they would be shopping this year, but last year people spend about $740 during the holiday season. that's expected to go up by-10 year to 750 so even though they are saying they are concerned about the fiscal cliff, definitely worried about their finances, the taxes, the economic climate, people do seem to have holiday fever, and they are out there shopping. when you think about what are they shopping for this year? it's a lot of big-ticket items. they are calling it the year of the toy which typical. you've got barbies and legos and furbies, and guess what else is also at the top of the list, apple products, iphones, ipads, mini ipads. those are very expensive items, and they are not being discounted because companies like apple don't have to, so even though peo
situations began after the revolutionary war and congress had no power to tax or raise troops and was a debating society for leaders in the various states to argue different policies through the streets were almost at war with each other, independent, sovereign nations in effect, and the leaders from various states began to realize we need a stronger federal government and so they wrote the constitution. and many americans were opposed in the constitution and they became antifederalists so they were the federal lists and antifederalists bitterly opposed to each other from the very beginning from the signing of the constitution. the antifederalists gradually became known as the republicans and then democrat republicans. so that when john quincy adams was running for office you now have the democrat republicans running against the federalists and he was the last of the federalists. they ran this country from the beginning. washington, adams, he had a they were the people that ran the country had come they were really from the elite. the constitutional elite and the state-owned p
a flat screen television. >> she has sent up a tent with this tax. >> we have seats and we also have a tent, and with seats in side with blankets and this week. tonight. >> managers say that this is the earliest. >> i never thought that we would be out here this early >> earlier crowds and longer waits. people are trying to find any way to get their mind occupied waiting for that great deal. >> how has it been so far? >> cold. >> not that bad i've been talking to everybody it has been fog. >> virginia is hoping that giving up for thanksgiving will pay off >> i am hoping that it is worth it but if somebody wants to bring us thanksgiving dinner? we would gladly accept that lot >> with many people eating that if you are going to come down that on the stores will open on the died and you should get here early because a lot of the stuff is going to go quicker. >> some wal-mart employees are going to hit the picket lines. they are not going to be a run for the busiest shopping days. reggie kumar explains. >> this is you tube video of employees protesting outside of southern california last
a key advantage in states like california. no sales tax. local bookstores already under pressure by the rapid rise of ebooks and large bookstore ch n chains feel flar lparticularly squeezed. >> if you can save 10%, why wouldn't you? >> reporter: amazon's tax advantage recently disappeared in california adding 7% to 10% to the cost of each order. it also began taxing this year in other states like pennsylvania and texas. online retailers collect tax only for states where they have a physical presence. now here in california, amazon is building two giant warehouses. including this one near los angeles. it is a million square feet, and for the old-fashioned retailers, it is another reason to worry. why? because amazon's goal is to get items to customers faster and to be able to offer same day delivery. that's right. you can avoid stores if you want, and have a package delivered to your house in a matter of hours. a win for consumers, but tough for local retailers. >> if amazon creates distribution centers, and facilities on their turf locally, that takes away the one advantage we s
that amazon is charging sales tax this is the frs time they're in an online playing field with a major kpoter david louie, abc 7 news. >> check out abc 7 before you start black friday shopping. we've compiled a list of stores that are open thanksgiving day. this is all on our web site. >> san francisco police assessing the damage caused by a burglar. the thief kicked down doors and0]g;ç windows then threw a suitcase loaded with loot out of a second story window on franklin street. an officer hit by broken glass and police did end up arresting the suspect at the scene there. >> family and friends buried a police corporal was honored during a service in fremont today. he died on november 10th. officers shot him after a confrontation taking place in palm springs. he served in afghanistan. his four-year enlistment would have ended in january. >> a san jose man suspected of a violent crime spree could face the death penalty. he faces nine felony counts for a car jacking murder, chase, shooting and four robberies. the murder makes him eligible for the death penalty if prosecutors decide t
by the end of the year. so they want extension of current tax rate and spending levels. >> it seems a prudent course of action is figure out a bridge that takes us for some for of time. avoid issues fruition on january 1. >> the top republican said jeff sessions sent this letter to the top four leaders in congress saying if they are planning extension of unemployment insurance, offset for the changes must be achieved through real safings. not gimmicks like baseline saving from future war spendings that is not expected to occur. the markets won't reout well to staying the course. >> the worst thing that can happen is we put a temporary fix in. deal with it next year. >> senator joe manchin says it's important for washington to seize the moment. >> i believe with the election behind us ve a short period to do something monumental for country and generation. i hope we take advantage of it. i do. >> the uncertainty led wal-mart and other manufacturing companies to decide to pay quarterly dividends in december instead of january. threat of massive spending cut led to boom for lobbyists. the web si
.4 million of property tax into the city. 1 million of which will go to the schools. it will create 2,000 jobs in our community building this project out. >> but a tenant's group is fighting the development. this couple has lived aboard their 42-foot cruiser 20 years. they don't any where they are going. >> i'm on a fixed income. i can't afford to put a down payment down someplace. >> he has no hard feelings against the lead. she helped him when he had cancer and told him not to worry about the berth rental when he was sick. >> she used to bring they food and we were friends. >> he said the fight is with the developers who are leasing the outer harbor. that public is open to the public and anyone want rent there. the new project will limit the berth to only residents of the new complex. >> when the state gave the lease it said only for so long as it is used as a harbor and marina. it's really not there is. >> they filed an appeal with the redwood city council. the appeal will be heard on january 28th. by then it may be too late for the tenants because they have been told to move out b
five decades ago. >> it will bring $2.4 million of property tax into the city. $1 million of which will go to the schools. it will create 2,000 jobs in our community building this project out. >> but a tenant's group is fighting the development. buckley and wendy stone have lived aboard their 42-foot cruiser 20 years. they don't any where they are going. >> i'm on a fixed income. i can't afford to put a down payment down someplace. >> he has no hard feelings against the lady. she helped him when he had cancer and told him not to worry about the berth rental when he was sick. >> she used to bring they food and we were friends. >> he said the fight is with the developers who are leasing the outer harbor. that harbor is now open to the public and anyone can rent a berth there but new project will limit the berths to only residents forecast new complex. >> when the state gave the lease they said only so long will it be used as a commercial harbor so it's really not theirs. >> they filed an appeal with the redwood city council. the appeal will be heard on january 28th. by then it may be
than five decades ago. >> it will bring 2.4 million of property tax into the city, million of which will go to our schools. it will create 2,000 jobs. >> but a group is fighting the development. they have lived aboard their cruiser for 20 years. they don't know where they are going. >> i'm on fixed income. i can't afford to put a first and last down on someplace. >> he doesn't have any hard feelings. she helped him when he had cancer and not to worry about the rental when he was sick. >> we were always friends. >> the fight is with the developers plans to privatize the outer harbor which they are leasing from the state. that harbor is open to the public. anyone can rent a berth there. but the new project will limit the berths to residents of the new complex. >> when the state gave the lease they said only for so long for a commercial harbor. >> the planning commission recently approved the project. tenants group filed an a appeal. >> the redwood city council will hear the appeal on january 28. by then it may be too late for the tenants because they have been told to move out by janu
it denied the basic rights of survival to native americans for tax malcolm declared quote the right of exterminating or trying to -- where they must starve even the inhabitants of thinly peopled regions would be questioned and immoral the. all of us have good reason to be alarmed at the u.s. population rate since the nation's number have been increasing at such an remarkable pace. with no european rival to contend with, nothing stood in the way at the doubling of u.s. lands in every doubling of the u.s. population except for thousands of indians who continued to live on their native ground. the united states thus provided a perfect object lesson for claims that x. is population fueled territorial aggression. in what i need your any euro american size of virtuous cycle that many native americans and their british allies sophomores a vicious circle, the continent's wide-open grounds supported demographic expansion even as the increasing u.s. population in a bold seizure and settlement of these lands. the resulting dif urchins in british versus american attitude towards american popula
and gloom reports about the fiscal cliff, potential tax hikes on everyone, if congress does not act. of the people who were surveyed between november 9th and 13th, many of them said they do plan on spending more this year compared to last year. i have some interesting breakouts for you here, carol. more men said that they will spend more this year compared to last year than women. as far as age goes, the generation wires 18 through 24, they say that they, too, plan on spending more. remember, that group of people have had a tough time breaking into the workforce. still, though, they said they planned on spending more as well as latinos and blacks. they, too, say they plan on spending more. so why? that's the big question. why do some people say they plan on spending more this holiday season, simply because as far as the people in this survey, they felt as if their financial situation this year is better than it was last year. carol? >> that's simple. so where are people spending the most money? >> they break it down regionally. and it appears that of the people surveyed in this part
of thousand of jobs and up to $1.1 billion annually in sales tax revenues here because some people get like that grill in may and return it in september. >> how do you return a grill? >> just the point. you know what i mean, they're saying thieves will target high priced items and return them for store credit gift cards and then resell the cards or use gift card trading websites. fraud. they're cracking down. if you return an item they take your photo id and put you in a database. serial returners beware this season. i am going to return underwear after the show. >> underwear, who wants to return underwear. >> that's going to be target's problem. i can't worry about that. wash them, heavily. >> you have heard about, maybe you haven't, beer goggles. >> yeah, ooh. >> there is a new device that google created to try and help you lose weight this thanksgiving. and it is, they are goggles, glasses you put on. it makes, look at this, makes something appear larger than it is. that is an oreo cookie. this doesn't make sense. if it appears larger it will activate your brain. your stomach feels it al
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